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You are looking at the MASKILON set, the most complete, easiest-to-use learning tool that exists for those studying the Hebrew language. On this site, you can access the entire Maskilon III Maskilon IV. In the Maskilon IV, look up any English word to find its Hebrew translation. In the Maskilon III, you can find the English translation of a Hebrew word. Each verb in the Maskilon III and IV has a reference to a page in the Maskilon I, a one-of-a-kind comprehensive root-based dictionary . By clicking on the link at the left, you can access the Maskilon I to find over 250 of the 1640 roots included in the Maskilon I. To BUY Maskilon - Click hereYou will be amazed at the amount of information available to you, free of charge, on this site. You will want to own the Maskilon set, and also to buy sets for presents. If you order from this site, you can buy the set for $75.00 with one-half of that price being tax deductible, because this is the official site of FRIENDS OF MILAH, a registered non-profit organization. The Maskilon four volume-set sells in stores and from the publisher for $89.00. If you want only to buy individual books of the set, you can do so by going to IsraelBooks.com. Friends of MILAH exists to support MILAH, the largest and most professional Hebrew language center in Jerusalem. You can learn more about MILAH by clicking the link to the left.

This site, consistent with the goals of MILAH, provides an opportunity to everyone, in however remote an area of the world, to learn the language of the Jewish people and to learn it well. Click on the links in the left area to learn more.


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