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MILAH, an acronym for מכון ירושלים להשכלה (The Jerusalem Institute for Education), is a non-profit organization established in Jerusalem in 1994 by Jo and David Morrison who moved to Jerusalem in 1992 from the United States. MILAH is home for a diverse community of new and veteran olim, tourists and visitors, diplomats and others,  from all persuasions and backgrounds, who seek to learn more about and become part of Israeli society and culture.  These people can improve and develop their Hebrew skills, as well as participate in a variety of unique activities which expose them to different facets of the essence of Israeli society and culture.  All the activities are run in easy Hebrew. 

 The goals of MILAH include:

·    Deepening an awareness and knowledge of different aspects of Israeli life to create better understanding and tolerance between diverse groups within Israeli society. 

·   Providing the tools for opening channels of communication to create common partnerships between individuals of varying backgrounds in Israel.

·    Developing models of coexistence to deepen the feeling of belonging in the process of acclimation to Israeli life.

The uniqueness of MILAH derives from a  staff of professional teachers with many years of experience and a management staff dedicated to making courses and activities available at hours that match the needs of our students. 

MILAH's Board of Directors and Managerial Staff comprise both olim and Israelis from many educational backgrounds and professional walks of life. This enables a multi-faceted approach to the issue of aliya and enables the design of activities that relate to both  olim and  Israelis.  MILAH's Board of Directors work on a voluntary basis.

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