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The MASKILON series is one of the most sophisticated reference tools that exists for learning Hebrew. It was created at MILAH by Avraham Solomonik and David Morrison and exits separately in Hebrew/English and in Hebrew/Russian. The four book series consists of the following:

  •          MASKILON I: The Maskilon I is a unique, root-based dictionary that presents the user with much more than a traditional dictionary. When you look up the root of the desired word, you see not only the word itself, but every word derived from that root with its English translation - verbs, nouns, adjectives, etc.  This provides a profound understanding of the verb system of the Hebrew language. By clicking on the verb-table reference of each verb, the user is immediately shown a verb table representing the conjugation of that verb. In the Maskilon I are 1640 Hebrew roots and 158 verb tables. 

  •          MASKILON II: This is Dr. Solomonik's well-known, extremely user-friendly book of Hebrew grammar. Dr. Solomonik, who lectures world-wide on lexicography, has had the satisfaction of seeing this volume republished over and over. In the Maskilon II, concepts of smichut, different verb binyanim, and Hebrew syntax are demystified for all students, from beginner to advanced.

  •          MASKILON III: The Maskilon III is a common-format Hebrew-English dictionary. It is unique in presenting entries as they are written with nikud - vowels - and as they are written without nikud. Appendices include many Hebrew expressions and their translations and many rashei tavot - acronyms and their translations. An example is ���"� = ����� ����� the United States.

  • MASKILON IV: This is the English-Hebrew equivalent of MASKILON III.


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