the first, chief, principal
early Israeli settlement, now a sity
the first Temple
first person (gram.)
first violin
the first, head (fem.)
for the first time
first and foremost
primacy, originality
prime ministry -
chief, principal, main
main clause (gram.)
leading article
origin, beginning
in the beginning
from the beginning
first of all -
1. numerous, many
2. great, important
3. multi-, poly-
variegated, diverse
bestseller -
many-sided -
polyhedron -
perennial -
in public, openly
a hearty welcome ! (!)
thank you very much !
rabbi, master, lord
grandmaster (as in chess, bridge, etc.) -
major-general -
captain of a ship -
corporal - (")
first sergeant -
major -
1. majority
2. abundance, plenty
in most cases
mostly --
decisive majority ()
the vast majority -
to quarrel, contend [..., ' 521]