immigrant, emigrant "
clip, clamp, fastener
tumult, turmoil, commotion
vital, essential
reliable, credible
reliability, trustworthiness
fast, quick
quickness, speed
to circumcise [..., ' 260] { : }
1. move, step
2. process, algorithm
access to, inside track
He has access to the Minister. .
strike, blow ()
indecisive person "
revolution, overthrow
revolutionary, rebel
to hurry, hasten () [; ; ]
speedily, quickly ,
accelerated, speeded up
lighted, lit
brought, imported
carrier, conveyor, conduit
water carrier -
1. meaning, sense
2. understood, comprehensible
of course, naturally
As clear as can be.
In the fullest meaning of the word. .
defeated, routed
coward, of faint heart - "
defended, protected
1. meter
2. surveyor
information, intelligence
relating to security
conscious of, aware
consciously (unconsciously) ( )
notice, advertisement
one who performs circumcision
at reduced price, cheaper
strange, curious, odd
tangible, perceptible, concrete
rod, pole, bar
preferable, better
to reform, change one's ways
to cause to collapse, bring ruin to... [..., ' 261] { : }
1. imposed, delegated to...
2. laid, rested upon
3. laid (eggs)
flown, transported by air
ready, prepared
seller, vendor
opposite to, in front of, versus
on the opposite side
1. birth
2. new moon
Christmas -
native land -