to promise the moon and the stars
to bring very strong pressure on someone ,
all that fuss for nothing
say little and do much
He was killed for nothing. ()
habit is our second nature -
thinking out loud
raising one's cup -
raising up one's head -
in the blink of an eye -, -
within one's reach -
world view -
all beginnings are difficult
the first step is half of the work -
a wolf in sheep's clothing
like a hungry wolf
the wolf is sated and the lamb secure
He has a bee in his bonnet.
He wouldn't hurt a fly.
That's the way it is. We have finished, so be it.
just now, this moment
not only this, but... , ...
Jerusalem of gold
money talks
very cheaply ,
love on one's fellow man -
the early bird gets the worm ()
may you live a long life
under the magnifying glass
to acquit
all rights reserved
by right and not by a favor
may his righteous memory be for a blessing
may his/her memory be for a blessing () , "
may his/her memory be blessed ( )
as noted above , "
new times, new songs -
now is the hour ...
as time passed
according to the spirit of the times
time is the best medicine -
in cash
ready and able
to put one's tail between one's legs
by the sweat of the brow -
to pour out wrath on
the very stones cry out ()
proud but not boastful
until a ripe old age
he aged quickly
idol worship
to rub salt in the wounds
to welcome with open arms
birds of a feather flock together
to swim against the stream
to sow seeds on barren ground
one reaps what one sows ,
to blow smoke
to be in the spotlight
last but not least
to go from the sublime to the ridiculous
you can't have your cake and eat it too