One minute! !
one swallow does not spring make
to mark time
to tread on someone's weak spot
foothold -
best regards to... -
politeness -
as is my, his...way , ( )...
in any way possible
be careful, aware
according to the letter of the law
grasping at straws ()
different in a thousand ways
vanity of vanities -
to take the reins ( )
decisive logic
These things struck a cord in me, you... , ...
to remove all obstacles
fools rush in...(where angels fear to tread)
to tighten one's belt
the past is gone, the future in not yet here, and the present passes quickly , , -
great wealth -
permanent order
the last chance
certainly, of course
Have a quick recovery! !
expert in deception
what will be will be ()
as if it didn't happen
there was no such thing
it never happened
that is to say...
the very most -
to shift into high gear
to die ()
to walk a tightrope
to be led astray
to lead astray
flattery -
as is proper, correct
rule of thumb
don't count your chickens before they hatch - ()
the voice of the people reigns supreme
inventive, original -
lightening the sentence - (-)
He takes no pleasure in... -
manifold, many times as much
inattention, inadvertence -
ignoring -
pretending -
upsetting the apple cart
the opposite of what you say is correct
with restraint
The benefits are outweighed by the disadvantages.
The benefits outweigh the disadvantages.
deriving benefit -
Good luck! !