like a fish in water ()
small fry -
a fish stinks at the head
to fish in troubled waters
to fly the flag/colors
to surrender
to put the emphasis on... ...
it seems to me... , ,
and so on
to fall like dominoes -
fighting for the right against all odds (like Don Quixote) -
pliable, weak in character
the generation of the desert (which doesn't reach the promised land) - ()
for generations to come -
great leaders of a generation -
thoroughly discussed subject ()
to press on the pedal, put the pedal to the metal
to reject completely
the saving of a life overrides Shabbat laws
one hand doesn't know what the other is doing
to push someone to the sidelines () -
from bad to worse
too much, too little, not enough ,
each and every day, each and every month , ...
ink written on new paper (said of a young scholar)
to be more exact
to acquit
to convict
don't judge someone until you stand in his shoes
the same refers to... ...
deal with a penny as you would with a fortune
there is no justice at all
He is responsible for his own mess.
abject poverty -
to throw good money after bad
to reject someone (shut the door in his face)
blue blood
in cold blood
flesh and blood
to spill blood (bloodshed) ( )
He has cold water running in his veins. -
To stand in awe of someone.
crocodile tears -
it is common knowledge that...
advisory opinion -
judgement, due consideration -
to my, your... opinion , ...
in my humble opinion
according to my, his... own judgment , ...
the mind can't endure...
He, I... went out of his, my... mind ,
he went mad ()
to understand completely
acceptable (not acceptable) ( )
to open a new page, turn over a new leaf
exceptional -,
to rest on one's laurels -
with full knowledge of...
to be very meticulous