on one hand...on the other hand ...
skinny as a rail --
to cause a stir
transmigration of the soul
the fifth wheel
the wheel of fortune
luck changed for the worse
to have a conversation ()
to roll with laughter
crowning glory, masterpiece -
to reveal one's cards
public statement, proclamation -
sincerely, candor -
open letter
to sweeten the pill
for a long, long time
ingathering of the exiles
it's all for the best
fine, it's fine
completely agreed upon
acts of loving kindness
the straw that broke the camel's back
to make up one's mind
May you be inscribed in the Book of Life !
completely, absolutely
the end of a thief is hanging
false pretense, fraud -
to steal the show
forbidden fruits taste sweet
to be over-familiar with someone
to make a gesture ' '
sanctification of the wine -
every man shall sit under his fig tree (and none shall make him afraid) -
to be hung
like a bone in the throat
knowledge acquired in childhood
to spoil by adding, too much of a good thing ()
He couldn't take his eves off her.
to pull chestnuts out of the fire for someone ()
one crime leads to another ()
the burn one's bridges ()
to speak of this and that
to speak straight to one's heart
to my (our) great sorrow ()
bear hug ()
disservice -
neither this nor that
He became possessed.
Her honey is sweet, but her sting is bitter.
His words stuck in his throat. ()
two things which contradict one another ()
nothing at all ()
a trifling thing -
It's no trouble! !
It's no bother! !
There was never any such thing.
What are we talking about? ?
He is a smooth talker.
A land flowing with milk and honey.