He has a screw loose.
canard, false report
to close the tap
iron curtain -
strong as steel
don't run off ()
a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush -
a sound mind and sound body
to put one' head in a noose
the main thing is good heath
perfectly, completely
to congratulate on finished work
blessed rains
the seven blessings of a wedding ceremony
at the speed of light
to investigate deeply
there is no choice ( )
harbinger -
day of good tidings -
may you (he...) enjoy it , ...
flesh and blood
to cut to the bone
cannon fodder -
smile -
1. echo
2. divine voice
highs and lows
with one's back to the wall
empty talk
on the same level
very cultured language; high-faluting words ( -)
to raise one's eyebrows
to cross all lines, bounds
straightforward person
change, reshuffle of personnel
the same old thing with new packaging
under one roof
fully, to the utmost !
filled to the brim
to overflow the bounds
bar none, everyone
leader of the generation
the pains of parenthood
the pains of looking after aged parents
full to overflowing ,
if there are no little acorns, there will be no mighty oaks
the bigger they come, the harder they fall
to sit on the fence
to go beyond one's limits
non-Jewish person who does Shabbat chores forbidden to a Jew --
to put the last nail in the coffin ( )
all the colors of the rainbow -
the law of the jungle -' '
to the heart of the matter ( )
vicissitudes of fate
fate was in his favor () ()
with exaggeration
like sitting on tenterhooks
skin and bones
fifth column