dust and ashes
dull person
regressing (yesterday a chick, today an egg)
April Fools' Day
He strained his ears.
He doesn't lift a finger.
This is unsubstantiated, pulled out of the air.
She has him wrapped around her little finger.
noblesse oblige
the heavens opened up (hard rain)
the four ends of the earth ,
one-on-one conversation
like a cedar of Lebanon (tall and stout)
from the greatest to the smallest
the lion's share - ()
to take a great risk
very, very long
not every pine is good for a flagpole
politeness -
spitfire, hot-tempered
where there is smoke, there is fire
to go through fire and water
J'accuse! ()
as usual, as in days past
Hard work brings its reward.
Welcome! !
to talk, converse with... ()
sensible, relevant
to become perplexed, confused
the undersigned ...
Come in! !
puppet government
marionette theatre -
at one and the same time
joyful mood -
may you live a long life () ()
with no choice
to examine some- one closely -
upkeep, maintenance -
to paint in bright colors
brute, savage
caustic comment
blockhead -
Do not bite the hand that feeds you.
a shame and a disgrace ! !
a stout lad
to pass the test
to all intents and purposes
election fights -
He is sure of himself.
What is safe is most certain. - !
to promise the moon and the stars ()
self assurance
absolutely worthless; null and void ()
idle talk
to close the stable door after the horse escaped ,