like a rose between thorns
outmoded idea, object...
to play with fire
not everything is black and white -
very clearly -
between the lines
intoxicated, but not by wine
I have learned from every teacher. ()
common sense
head and shoulder above
reward and punishment
like last year's snow
peace and quiet
peace in the home -
Go in peace! () !
He is dependent upon... ...
to control oneself
completed ()
his name precedes him
by way of rumor
to go out of use -
different matters should not be mixed
for the sake of heaven
to go above and beyond the call of duty
to pour oil on the fire
better a good name than material gain
in the light of day
as clear as can be
a tooth for a tooth
baseless hatred -
great hatred -
His time has come.
May you have success! !
to spill blood ()
to shed tears
to confess to someone
guinea pig -
to think over carefully
to become disillusioned
to have an ace up one's sleeve
arbitrarily -
to put out a fire
to strike roots
the root of the problem
experience is the best teacher
there is a chasm between them ... ...
thanking you in advance...
from the beginning until the end
to repeat like a parrot
right away
to hang one's hopes on...
everything depends on... ...
one does not rub salt in someone's wounds
to toe the line
to the end
you don't get something for nothing
once and forever
resume, summary
freedom of action -
crocodile tears -
with great joy
for the glory of...
the apple does not fall far from the tree
to take the bull by the horns
to stake a claim
with his simple belongings