to gain time
in good spirit
ghost, specter -
patience -
mood, pulse of things -
a new era has come
in the spirit of the matter
to sign with relief
to saturation
to the length and width
to be far-reaching ()
with empty hands
full to the brim
deceptive speech
to hold on to the reins of power
to slacken the reins
the evil impulse -
to bite the hand that feeds you
love your neighbor as yourself
earthquake -
What's all the noise? ?
to move heaven and earth ()
Get well quick! !
if you will it, it is no dream
in good faith
He is satisfied. -
satisfying -
gladly, with pleasure
You got away with murder. ()
in seventh heaven
two conflicting authorities
with your (masc., fem.) consent ,
very wicked person
to descend into hell
question of life and death
among the rest...
Have a good week! !
to praise someone highly
the golden mean -
to hunker down
a drowning man will clutch at straws
the sated cannot appreciate the suffering of the hungry
the seven wonders of the world
to break one's heart
to break the ice
to break the record
Shabbat shalom! !
This is wild, crazy! ! !
unrestrained, damaging activity -
God knows! !
spineless person -
to fire back twice as hard ()
no use crying over spilt milk
the fool does not feel insults
once a fool always a fool
to lead astray
sly as fox
to defeat soundly
as it should be
rank and file
What is the bottom line? ?