in the end of days
how much more so
to be up against a stone wall
fools rush in
from this time forward
empty vessels make the loudest noise
Frightening and terrible! !
it's nothing, no problem
there is no choice
valueless, worthless
discrimination, double standard
strong-willed person - ()
harbinger -
man of culture -
pioneers -
to treat as a prized possession
in the dark of night
to recuperate , ...
He is firm in his opinion.
eating only whets the appetite
if it is all right with you... ,
the hand of God
champion of champions -
fly in the ointment
merry widower (widow) - (-) ()
a thousand and one nights
God willing
to live in a very restricted way ' ()
with complete faith
What does it mean? ?
mere talk
Unbelievable! () ()
Amen and amen! !
Really? ?
Be strong and of stout heart! ! ()
that is to say... , ()
in complete earnest
the naked truth
true peace
the truth of the matter is...
Please, I beg of you ()
to leave in the lurch
my credo, my deepest belief
Am I my brother's keeper? ?
in the miniature -
grateful -
empty dreams
clear reflection of things
distorting mirror
doormat (also figuratively)
to have one's nose in the air () ()
long suffering, patient (impatient) - (-)
to hit back twice as hard
He is more Catholic than the Pope.
to grope in the dark
Platonic love
in no way, by no means
absolutely full, no room at all
absolutely nothing , -