one cannot be both accuser and judge
to come life, be revived ()
to keep one's promises ()
to walk upright in one's ways
ugly, looking like a monkey
from wall to wall
there is very little chance
very easily -,
the last resort
to succeed
to be open and aboveboard
worthless (as the peel of a garlic)
a man is envious of everyone except his son and his pupil ()
to become famous ()
I don't buy it.
the icing on the cake
don't judge a book by its cover ,
there is no end to this
to put an end to something
a very little, a tiny part of it
to cut off the branch one is sitting on ()
short and sweet
impatiently -
with a cool head -
to challenge
in the vicinity -
What happened? ? ()
almost certainly
everyone is out for himself
a close neighbor is better than a distant brother
damned if you do, damned if you don't
this is only the tip of the iceberg -
to not hold a candle to someone
to pull the rug out from under someone
springboard -
to preen like a peacock ()
Don't talk nonsense! !
within view -
to be pessimistic
Look at this wonder! !
it would not seem, I do not think ()
worthy of its name
first of all
in advance
exactly, precisely
to lose one's head
with one's head up
to try to have it both ways
On my honor! !
first among equals
first of all
decisive majority ()
to follow the crowd
to be angry
on the right (wrong) foot ( ) ()
while standing on one foot
There is no truth to this.
for a short while
day after day
widespread opinion ()