twice as much, three times as much , ...
here and there
repetitiousness (refrain)
to fall into a trap
to lure someone into a trap
great fear -
the thing is getting smaller ()
growing like mushrooms after a rain
knocking of the knees -
miracle of miracles -!
John Doe
slip of the tongue -
slip of the pen -
this is not what I wished for ()
face to face
to pretend
reception -
the end, full stop -
from time to time ,
watch your penny as your pound (dollar)
This isn't worth a penny.
What is the meaning of this? ?
in particular
generally and particularly
to bear fruit
to fall like a ripe fruit
to open a new chapter in one's life
he should be taught a lesson
changing from one form into another
to leave a door open
open mind
all of a sudden ,
to make a dangerous investment -
to describe in rosy (black) colors ()
on the one hand... on the other hand... ... ...
to stand on the sidelines
the irony of fate -
to burst into laughter
blind obedience
there is no light without shadows
slippery as an eel
man is created in the image of God - -
crossroads -, -
at every turn
with great sorrow, regret
Don't kick a man when he is down. -
to become disoriented
to kill two birds with one stone
to hold on for dear life
a host of grievances
we'll cross that bridge, when we come to it
(un)necessarily ( )
enclosed is... (") ()
on an empty stomach
here is the main point
to take upon myself (himself, etc.) (...)
priority -
prejudice ()
a woman's place is in the home
the voice of conscience