The matter is within reach.
squaring the circle
Until when? ? ?
He is the judge and jury.
forever and ever
order of priorities -, -
like sheep without a shepherd
There never was such a thing. ()
to be between two worlds
skin and bones
to jump out of one's skin ()
wolf in sheep's clothing
black as night (as a raven)
Leave (masc., fem.) me alone! ! ! ()
Stop (masc., fem.) with the nonsense! () !
With God's help. -!
an eye for an eye ()
with closed eyes ()
to examine closely
to await eagerly -
against his will -,
mostly --
conditionally -
to bear a burden
to come to one's mind
to get on one's nerves
this doesn't suit the... ...
This will cost you a lot.
illiterate, simple person -
to plug the gap
to stand on my, his... opinion , ...
to walk on crutches, be unsure
to stand on one's own two feet
to help one stand on his own two feet ()
to shame, disgrace someone -
backbone, spine -, -
from the heights to the depths
to come to mutual agreement
What's happening, man? ?
What do you (masc., fem.) want? ()?
work before pleasure
He didn't blink an eye.
can't see the forest for the trees
to uproot
to the essence of the matter
He sits on tenterhooks.
length and breadth (to cross-examine) - ( -)
to clear the fog
to make a laughing stock of people
to make an impression on ...
undesirable acts -
Who is wealthy? He who is happy with his lot. ? .
like smoke in one's eyes
on his own, without help
for the time being -
for the future to come
not a moment without trouble
from end to end
Shut up! !
Don't tempt the devil! !