involved (not involved) in the matter ( ) ()
this is comforting, satisfactory ()
let's assume that... ...
as a sure thing
to foresee
He is firm in his opinion.
May you be comforted by God! !
misery loves company
slippery as a snake
The words of the wise are received with comfort.
to make waves
struck with awe
the example is out of place; false analogy
to praise, extol
magic wand -
to draw conclusions ()
to call a spade a spade
Not a hair on his head was damaged. ()
the die was cast
to run a great risk
to confess, pour out one's heart ...
with one's whole heart and soul
to hit the mark ()
pangs of conscience -
His teeth were clattering. ()
guiding light, principle ()
to the last breath
as air for breathing
painless death -
strict limits, conformity -
to call to order
What's on tap today? -?
to ignore something and go on with one's routine -
to put the cart before the horse
all's well that ends well -
like a squeezed lemon
study is better than any worldly goods
to be in question, not certain -
This is not carved in stone.
to be very well off -
to be on tenterhooks
mortal danger -
the way is paved
bone of contention -
silence is golden -
He is tied to his mother's apron strings.
to be of two minds, cannot decide
tempest in a teapot
to reject from the beginning
maybe, maybe not ,
there is no shadow of doubt
people of the Book
bookworm -
probably, possibly
in the secret of his heart -
your faithful servant
meticulous, detailed work -
backbreaking labor -, -
to dig into the heart of the matter -
to pass in silence ... ()
sine qua non