as far as East is from West
not by strength, but by guile ,
to look for a needle in a haystack
a new broom (sweeps clean)
the other side of the coin
beneath all contempt
this is not a big deal
to the best of my knowledge
All right then, so be it! ,
It is unbearable!
to keep silent
much water has flowed under the bridge
birds of a feather flock together
What kind of thing is this? ?
severe punishment
to absorb mighty blows
to take preventive measures
full price
candidly, in all sincerity
I have no words.
a war of nerves
immense wealth
there is nothing to this
from end to end
light at the end of the tunnel -
smooth, still waters -
Good night! -!
with Shabbat comes repose ,
completely finished, closed
there is no choice, no other option
one of the boys (not one of the boys) ( )
lip service -
to reveal his real character (to pull off his mask)
with great self-sacrifice -
to establish ironclad rules
closed circuit
in a little while
to reshuffle, change things
after the fact
look before you leap
disappointment, disillusion -
key position -
mood, disposition -
the reward of an act is in its doing -
to observe the 613 commandments "
impudence, brazenness -
sooner or later
know your place
this is not the time or place
carrot and stick policy
the best case scenario
in one package
Don't bite off more than you can chew. -
the cat was let out of the bag
committed to, obsessed with...
to be on guard, vigilant
He has more influence (weight) in the matter. -
made the best of a bad situation
to shoot from the hip
no one is a prophet in his own town
without a clear promise, pledge