slowly, little by little -
slowly but surely
with an open heart
with a heavy heart
courageously -
heart to heart
from the depths of one's heart -, -
heart's desire -
attention (to pay attention) - ( )
to take to heart
to pull at one's heartstrings
to break one's heart
alone, only
besides, except for...
birth pangs -
to go up in flames
the hit of the season -
the bread of charity -
man does not live by bread alone
one who works the land will never want for bread
to gaze at... ...
to work day and night
Why in the world? - ?
to do something despicable (to deride a beggar)
Damn! Damn it! ! ()
to lick one's wounds
to lick one's fingers
to derive pleasure
the deciding voice -
euphemistically -
to use careful language
Life and death are in the power of the tongue.
with all my might
To a hundred and twenty! !
better late than never
Enough! I've had enough! , ... ()
in the old, old days
I don't care what happens after I'm gone! !
love at first sight
null and void
ivory tower -
to congratulate on an accomplishment
to store away (a plan stored for future use) ( )
to present on a silver platter
a voice in the wilderness
to some extent -
measure for measure
much ado about nothing -
the seven rings of hell
to descend to the edge of the precipice
actions speak louder than words
clearly understood, taken for granted
in the full meaning of the word
great things come in small packages
minefield (also figur.) -
with discontent, displeasure -
to be between life and death
to be eye to eye with death
I, you... have no luck (...)
in a nutshell
ready and able