Since you've started, then continue. , !
black sheep
a poor man's last possession -
to grow like a snow ball -
the ball is in your court ...
anyhow, at any rate ,
the thief's guilty look betrays him
to bend one's elbow, drink too much
A man is known for three things: how he drinks, his anger and his pocketbook. : ,
That's a damned lie! !
I have no strength left! ! !
to put something into practice
he ate his lunch (showed he is more clever)
How's that? How is this possible? ?
This is not a simple matter. -
Even to this extent? ?
to come to the end of one's resources - (-)
nevertheless ,
at any price
anyway, at any rate ,
at the most
Damn! Damn it! !
a dog's life -
better to live like a dog than die as a hero
sever cold weather
beginning with...up to... ... ... ()
there is no truth in this
this is nothing difficult
better something than nothing
at all, not at all ,
generally, in general -
as already mentioned ()
as it is (masc., fem.) ( )
top secret
first violin, first fiddle
to exaggerate (to pass an elephant through the eye of a needle) ()
to cover expenses
money is the answer to everything
to be the decisive factor
clean hands -, -
to treat with love and devotion
twice as much, much more -, -
to throw down the gauntlet ...
with kid's gloves
this is tied to, connected with... ...
unsound, flimsy
absolute failure
literally, to the letter
to put into writing
stood with his back to the wall
was born with a silver spoon in his mouth -
Lend me a hand (shoulder)! !
Absolutely not! !
It can't be! !
not necessarily
anyway, at any rate