to reap the reward of one's labor , ()
to drive a wedge between... ... ...
with a slam of the door -
I/he... came unhinged (...) ()
be so kind as to... (masc., fem.) ( ) ()
I toiled and achieved my goal. ()
you scratch my back and I will scratch yours ()
to join hands
to commit suicide
to stifle oneself
His influence reaches far and wide.
to be completely confused
bosom buddy -
(un)intentionally ( )
He doesn't know his right from his left.
very rarely
minor, trifling thing
everyday, routine thing ()
what will today bring
each and every day
for a long time
unusual, exceptional ,
to upset the apple cart
no more and no less
the elect, elite -
everything is relative
the shoemaker's son goes barefoot
man is born to toil ()
across the ocean
as the child wants to suckle, so the mother wants to give -
without result
even if it doesn't help, it couldn't hurt -
gentle souls -
to look upon favorably
don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today
He developed a good reputation. ()
to be realized ()
He went crazy. ,
to be for naught
to understand completely ...
to fall from grace
lunatic, moonstruck -
etc. -
certainly, of course !
some say that... ...
What's with you! ? ( ?)
something from nothing
to cope with the problem
to sit shiva - to observe a week of mourning
very old, ancient -
Nice job! ! ()
among the rest
to give (someone) a headache -
up to this point
here and there; in both directions
with a heavy heart
to examine in a serious manner -
to seek honor
More power to you! !
with all due respect...
A person's wishes should be respected.