Thank you! -!
to find favor in the eyes of... ...
God forbid! ! !
by the grace of God
helpless -, -
innocent, blameless
to get married
in full measure, plenty
a time for every purpose
to search intently for something, someone ()
a free hand
very quickly
fifty-fifty -
to speak halfheartedly
hard and fast rule
the sword Damocles hangs over his head
sharpening swords (preparing for war) -
after the deed - remorse -
gnashing of teeth -
deep impression
What a shame! !
on my (your...) account \...
to settle accounts with... () ...
I (he...) got an unpleasant surprise. (...) ()
absolute darkness -
to play cat and mouse
their relationship broke down
to buy a pig in a poke
the thing/idea is still in its infancy
to strongly obligate oneself ()
to have it both ways
to undermine someone
to put one's stamp on... ... ()
second nature
by the nature of things... ( ...)
purity of arms -
with good spirit
I wish you luck.
in the best way
All the best! !
to wish to do well for someone
to speak well of... () ..
to beat a dead horse
to do useless work
to tilt at windmills -
He is a greenhorn.
purposeless motion
everything has its drawbacks
keeping bad company corrupts -
to stick one's head in the sand
sensible words
don't dispute matters of taste
to complain
like a drop in the ocean
likes peas in a pod -
drop by drop a pitcher fills
to reveal a little in order to conceal a lot
to pat on the shoulder
a very big fool
insanity -
insomnia -