to walk a tightrope
difficulty acquiring a new language
the depths before the coming of the Messiah
in teamwork
to shore up one's strength -
don't count your chickens before they are hatched
very smoothly; short and clear
by a tiny margin ...
in the inner councils -
Wear use it in good health! ()!
to do the minimum necessary
He saw it as his duty.
too many cooks spoil the broth
spinal cord; the backbone of something -
the whole picture (from threads to shoelaces) -
one who calls the shots -
the lowest level workers - -
to build on a shaky foundation
to stick one's head in the sand
golden goose
like another hole in the head
Don't drive me crazy! () !
I/he... fainted.
rubber stamp -
the time will come
with a strong hand
to strengthen the hand of ...
to hang in there ()
to change my (your...) mind , , ...
to return to religion
to leave religion
to return things to their previous glory ()
to repent
to miss the point; to misfire ()
when felling trees, splinter are flying ,
package deal
right under his nose
to grab a nap
the living spirit
alive and well
Give me a smile! !
To life! !
By my/your life! ! !...
to have a good time
to give someone a hard time
a question of life and death
man (woman) of valor - (-)
to go from strength to strength
clever when he sleeps
experience is the best teacher -
Who is wise? He who learns from every man. ? .
a land flowing with milk and honey
changing of the guard -
exchange (sharp) words -
differences of opinion -
to make a bad deal
he has no share in this
a lovely couple -
every once in a while
to miss an opportunity ()