from "a" to "z" ' ' '
one must be consistent ("b" follows "a") ' '
the very best ', '-'
by no means '
the sins of the fathers are visited on the children ()
it became old-fashioned ()
1. there is no hope
2. come what may
He is at his wits end.
He committed suicide. ()
1. to get lost
2. to be wasted
He is relieved of a burden.
to rattle on purposelessly
to throw dust in one's eyes, to deceive
by the way
where there's a will, there's a way ,
a hard nut to crack
with an iron fist -
law of the jungle
civilized person
person who puts himself first
between man and man
in sensible, straight-forward language -
savage -
the Holy Land -
to each his own
Woe is me, you...! (, ...)
something indispensable (as air for breathing)
he is flighty
helpless , ()
like a fifth wheel
red (green) light ,
in the light of things...
nothing/no one is without fault
vagabond -
a chance guest may see all the faults
mark of Cain -
from time immemorial
from now and forever
helplessly -
I am all ears.
It goes in one ear and out the other.
to be jarring to the ear
to maintain patience ()
friend in need ()
they are kinsmen, soul brothers
one by one -
one to nothing in favor of...
jointly, as one
insincere, hypocritical
to settle differences
one hundred per cent, absolutely
to deceive (eyewash, deceit) ( )
to play both ends against the middle
to take the bull by the horns
to grasp at straws ()
last but not least
of the dead say nothing but good
behind the scenes ( ) ()