wretched, miserable
prodigy, genius () "
likely, capable
likely to...(negative consequences) ...
He is likely to fail. .
hidden, unknown / ()
I did it anonymously. -.
leaflet, pamphlet
expense, cost
net cost
1. pestle
2. pestil (bot.)
going up ()
going up to the Torah
waves of Jewish immigration to Israel - ( , ...)
attic ()
1. high, exalted
2. upper, uppermost
Supreme Court -
higher power
by the grace of God
to have the upper hand
supremacy, superiority
joyful, jolly
joy, gaiety
plot (of a story)
libel, false charge
blood libel -
joy, gaiety, rejoicing
youth, lad/lassie
world (Aramaic)
cemetery -
fainting, weakness ()